About us

Back in 1994, several members of the former "Scandinavian Seaways Pipe Band" founded the "White Hackle Pipes and Drums" under the patronage of Dr. Dr. Matthew James MacDonald. The aim was to firmly establish Scottish bagpipe music in and around Hamburg while at the same time achieving a high musical standard. Renamed  "Baul Muluy Pipes and Drums" one year later, the band has proudly sported the "Ancient MacDonald of Clanranald" tartan ever since. 

Studiously honing our musical skills has belonged to the band's philosophy since the onset. This includes the continuous promotion of talented young pipers and drummers, consitent training and coaching by Scottish instructors at countless workshops and regular participation in competitions and a wide variety of events. Among the highlights during the early years were no doubt our involvement in André Rieu's Millenium Tour, a concert in Bremen's Weser Stadium and a second place in the Grade 4 competition at the 2000 Continental Championships in Holland, which also marked the beginning of our international competition career.

The origins

Around the year 1140, the MacDonalds were the largest clan in Scottland, who no doubt made life hard for their enemies in countless armed disputes. According to legend, a magical green stone (Gaelic: Baul Muluy) helped the MacDonalds vanquish their foes by throwing it into their ranks. It was also ascribed healing properties. 

Co-founder Dr. Dr. Matthew James MacDonald, who cheekily refers to himself as a direct decendant of Summerled, legendary king of the MacDonalds, refuses to comment on whether or not the stone still exists and is even used by the band at its many competitions.

Matthew James MacDonald